Friday, January 16, 2009

Here we like to get things over...

That's a line from a song I like. "Here we like to get things over / life, love, anything at all."

I actually was riding the subway last night (before the chunk of my city that I live in went dark - and cold!) and peeked at a fellow's book, it was called "Getting Things Done", and I liked the idea.

I guess I am thinking tonight about how I am not over Voice, and I'm not over Music, and I might not quite be over Soulmate either. Do you get over or do you move on? I've been with four women since, Painter and the Gymnast being the most notable (and two others who I'll get to describing here). And it's probably helped. But nothing's gone away. Do I stop and think and try to deal, or do I keep moving?

I don't know why I'm feeling this so intensely tonight. Maybe because I know where Voice is, we're on good terms and working together, and I decided not to be there. Maybe because I left the city because of the blackout and can't contact anybody else anyway.

Given the title of the blog, last night I went to a public speaking workshop by one of the best speakers I know. I was suspicious that the workshop wouldn't be any good because the guy is a natural. Sure enough, I was right. He said that if you believe in what you're saying and have something to say, it'll come naturally. I don't think that's true, not quite. Nor is it entirely false. The times I have been lost it's not been because I have nothing to say, but because I have nothing to say to whoever's in front of me. You need to say something useful to the person, and for that you have to know something about her. There are times when she gives you nothing, asks you no questions, doesn't care about anything you might conceivably have to say. In those situations, you'll be stumped. Probably, don't speak.

But otherwise, practice is good and learning or figuring something out about the person and what you might have to offer them wouldn't be bad either.

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